Orlando Bicycle Accident Lawyers Helping Injury Victims Win Justice

If you are injured by a negligent driver while you’re bicycling in the Orlando area – or if your child is injured – speak at once to an experienced Orlando bicycle accident attorney. Call Page & Eichenblatt at (407) 386-1900, or use the contact form here on our website. When they are the injured victims of negligent, distracted, or impaired motorists, bicycle accident victims are entitled under Florida law to compensation for their medical expenses and other injury-related damages.

The Florida personal injury attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt fight passionately for the victims of negligence. We are the attorneys that scores of injury victims in central Florida have trusted to represent their best long-term interests. We are award-winning attorneys who are known for tenacity on behalf of our clients. In cases that arise from bicycle accidents, we fight hard for every dollar of compensation that injury victims and their families are entitled to under the law. Bicycle injury victims pay no lawyer’s fee unless and until Page & Eichenblatt obtains your compensation with a jury verdict or with an out-of-court settlement. Your first legal consultation with Page & Eichenblatt is provided at no charge and with no obligation.

If You Are Injured While Bicycling, Contact Us Immediately

Bicycling is one of Florida’s most popular outdoor activities. For thousands in our state, a bike is their only transportation. If you ride regularly, you already know that far too many motorists in Florida do not seem to know that bicyclists have rights on the road just like car and truck drivers.

Sadly, in 2017 in the United States, 783 bicyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents. Thousands more sustained severe personal injuries. Whenever a motorized vehicle collides with a bicycle, the bike rider almost inevitably sustains the more serious injury.

If you ride a bike in central Florida, and if you are injured by a negligent car, bus, or truck driver – or even by a motorcyclist or another bike rider – seek medical attention immediately, and then arrange to speak as soon as possible with a reliable and experienced Orlando accident lawyer.

How Will an Attorney at Page & Eichenblatt Help You?

An experienced Orlando bicycle accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt can help you hold a negligent driver accountable with a personal injury claim and can help you receive reimbursement for your accident-related medical expenses, lost wages, and related damages.

Bicyclists have little protection beyond a bicycle helmet, so the risk is high for a catastrophic injury. A child on a bicycle, for example, has no chance against four thousand pounds of steel traveling at 40 miles per hour.

A bicycle accident victim who is permanently disabled will need costly medical care that can sometimes cost millions of dollars over a lifetime. That victim will also need to be represented by an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to obtain that kind of settlement or verdict.

When the legal team at Page & Eichenblatt handles your bicycle injury claim, we immediately launch an investigation to determine exactly what happened and who was at-fault. We may even ask an accident reconstruction expert to help us understand the events leading up to the collision.

Here’s How Page & Eichenblatt Will Handle Your Injury Claim

In most personal injury cases arising from bicycle crashes, an experienced personal injury lawyer will negotiate a private, out-of-court settlement with the negligent motorist’s insurance company, and you’ll receive the compensation that you are entitled to – without even having to go to court.

However, if your personal injury claim is disputed, and if a private settlement is not possible, a Page & Eichenblatt attorney may recommend taking your case to trial and asking a jury for the compensation – and for the justice – that you will need as an injured victim of negligence.

Protecting your health and your rights must be your top priorities after you are injured in a bicycle accident, and a personal injury lawyer at Page & Eichenblatt in Orlando can help.

For more than twenty-five years, bicycle accident victims in the greater Orlando area have trusted the award-winning attorneys at Page & Eichenblatt to handle their personal injury claims and to fight for their rights. We are ready to fight for you.

How Can You Protect Yourself While Riding a Bicycle?

Bicyclists can reduce the likelihood of an accident by strictly heeding the traffic rules and by adhering to basic safety recommendations. Always wear a helmet, and always ride with the traffic. If you ride at night, use plenty of lights and reflectors.

Stay alert when you ride a bike. Focus on the road and on the traffic around you. Anticipate what drivers may do before they do it. If you are a parent, it is imperative to make sure that your children understand the rules for bicycle safety. And never ride a bicycle if you are intoxicated.

Will Florida’s “14-day Rule” Apply to You?

Bicycle riders may not be aware of Florida’s “14-Day Rule.” If you are injured in an accident that involves a motor vehicle in this state, you must undergo a medical examination within the first 14 days after the accident, or no insurance company will reimburse you. That is Florida law.

The “14-Day Rule” might seem somewhat unfair, but you really must seek medical attention immediately after a bicycle accident. If you don’t, a latent or difficult-to-detect injury could develop into a serious medical situation.

What Will It Cost to Speak With a Reliable Accident Attorney?

Do not wait 14 days to see a doctor after a bike accident. Do it at once, and then contact us at Page & Eichenblatt. If you become our client and you file a personal injury claim, you will pay no lawyer’s fee unless we recover the compensation that you’re entitled to as an accident victim.

Your initial consultation with an accident attorney at Page & Eichenblatt is provided at no charge and with no obligation. You’ll learn more about your rights and how the law in Florida applies in your own case. Every Page & Eichenblatt client is treated with complete respect and courtesy.

If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver in a bicycle accident in central Florida, call Page & Eichenblatt now at (407) 386-1900, or complete the contact form here on our website. Our offices in Orlando are located at 214 South Lucerne Circle East. A good lawyer’s help is your right.