Trucking Accident Litigation

Trucking or Commercial Carrier Accidents

Large trucks operated by over-worked and over-stressed drivers all too frequently cause significant and deadly crashes in the United States and the state of Florida.  We have all read about fatalities when a driver has worked multiple hours without sleep and then falls asleep at the wheel. There are national trucking regulations regulated by both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the Department of Transportation as to numbers of hours worked and other important safety rules.

We have had cases not only involving over-worked drivers, but failure to properly secure goods, resulting in tragic accidents, and drivers who are not physically able to meet the requirements for licensing but drive anyway. Many times the employer knows about the drivers’ issues but has done nothing to correct it.

Page & Eichenblatt has been successful in handling claims on behalf of our clients against negligent trucking companies, not only for causing accidents, but also for negligent retention of unqualified employees and failure to follow up with the safety rules.


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