Theme Park Litigation

The firm has represented numerous out of state and international tourists who suffered injuries at local theme parks including Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Wet n Wild. Although theme park rides offer thrills and excitement, they can also be a source of significant injury when designed or operated improperly. We have successfully litigated against theme park owners when rides caused life altering, unintended injuries. Our past clients include individuals who suffered internal injuries and surgery due to thrill ride dynamics, individuals with severe fractures and injuries dues to poor walking surface maintenance, and individuals seriously injured by theme park employees ignoring ride safety precautions.

Under Florida law, theme parks are required to report severe injury cases to the State of Florida. Accessing the injury database and theme park track record is essential to understanding the safety history of a particular theme park or ride. We would be privileged to bring our experience and training to your case.

This is an animation, created by our firm, to demonstrate how a poorly designed lap restraint bar on a dynamic ride caused internal injuries to a theme park guest.


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