Sports Related Accidents


Page & Eichenblatt has been successful in representing clients who have been injured as a result of unreasonable injuries that have occurred on playgrounds or during sporting events in Central Florida. We have also successfully represented numerous athletes and clients who have been injured as a result of bicycle accidents, jet ski accidents, boating accidents, water skiing accidents, or wakeboard accidents, along with playground accidents.
Every sport has an assumption of risk element to it. However, that defense does not extend to all circumstances, particularly when someone has acted well outside the scope of a risk you would assume. The firm has handled several unfortunate situations where a boat operator has towed a water-skier and-or wake boarder into a dock or too close to shore resulting in injuries. That is not a risk that would be considered reasonable.
We have also been successful in claims where playground injuries have occurred to small children as a direct result of a teacher/supervisors failure to maintain appropriate observation.


Both Gregg and Steve are sports enthusiasts;  in addition to running, they also enjoy water skiing, snow skiing, cycling, tennis and fishing.
Steve and Gregg finishing the London Marathon

Steve and Gregg finishing the London Marathon



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