Medical Malpractice Litigation

To successfully prosecute a medical negligence case, our attorneys will carefully review the extensive medical records associated with your medical care. Our goal is to thoroughly understand and evaluate the medical care provided to compare it to the appropriate standard of care in our community. Where the medical care falls short, our firm will educate you regarding the medical error and aggressively prosecute the case. Florida requires an extensive pre-suit screening process during which a physician must execute an affidavit stating that the treating physician at issue deviated from the appropriate standard of care in his or her treatment of the injured patient. To perform this process correctly, we take time to locate and identify the best medical experts available to assess your particular case. We will always look for a physician in a particular specialty of the treating physician who allegedly committed a negligent act. Our goal is to obtain experts with impeccable credentials and substantial clinical experience regarding the particular medical procedure that went wrong in your case. The process of obtaining the appropriate expert takes time but is essential to success in these cases.

We will need your help in obtaining a complete and accurate set of all of your medical records related to the alleged malpractice as well as during the years leading up to the malpractice. Often, this is the most difficult part of the information gathering process. To the extent you can help us ensure that we obtain all medical records in existence during the five years preceding the alleged medical malpractice, you will help ensure the best possible outcome in your case. You may be surprised to learn that we want copies of all medical records of any kind, even if those medical records seem like they may have no relevance whatsoever to the potential medical negligence case.

Highly credentialed medical experts are essential to the success of your case

Much of the time we spend in evaluate your case will be spent in consultation with physicians who practice the same type of medicine as the treating physician who allegedly committed malpractice. We seek out physicians at the top hospitals and teaching universities in the country and throughout the world to ensure they will have the credibility and credentials to support their opinions of medical negligence. Our goal is to hire experts to provide accurate, bulletproof opinions substantiated by the facts, medical literature, and standards of medical practice. Although these experts prove expensive and have extraordinarily busy schedules, our firm has learned from experience that there is no substitute for hiring the best qualified experts with the best credentials to work on your case.


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