Mediations and Fee Matters

Page & Eichenblatt partners Steven S. Eichenblatt and Nicholas Shannin are certified mediators, certified by the Florida Bar in both circuit civil cases and appellate cases. Mr. Shannin has mediated appellate cases that were pending both before the Fifth District Court of Appeal, home of the Pilot Program for Appellate Mediation, as well as the Second District Court of Appeal. Additionally, Mr. Shannin has participated at the request of the Fifth District Court of Appeal at their appellate mediator training seminar.

Mr. Eichenblatt and Mr. Shannin would be happy to apply their skills as a certified mediator in your case. Please call for availability regarding services for your matter.

Attorney Fee Disputes

A frequent matter requiring resolution before Florida’s State and Federal courts involves the issue of attorney fees. Florida law contains numerous statutes providing what is known as a “fee shifting” provision, whereby a party prevailing in a law suit may be entitled to recovery of fees from the opposing party. Mr. Shannin has participated in lectures to fellow Bar members on several occasions, as well as written articles concerning matters related to the recovery of attorney’s fees, participating most recently in the seminar “Significant Attorney’s Fees Issues” held at the Orange County BAR Association in January, 2012. Accordingly, Mr. Shannin’s knowledge regarding the potential to recover attorney fees will be put to use for all applicable cases for clients of PEB&B.

Moreover, the recovery of attorney fees is traditionally contingent upon provision of expert testimony regarding several factors to be applied to whether the attorney fee sought is reasonable and appropriate. Mr. Shannin is available to serve as a fee expert and has done so in over a dozen different state and federal jurisdictions. Most recently, his testimony as a fee expert has been directly cited to by a Federal Judge, who stated that “[t]he Court agrees with Mr. Shannin’s assessment and concludes that the hourly rates for the attorney are reasonable…” B-K Cypress Log Houses, Inc. v. Auto-Owners Ins. Co., 2011 WL615 1502, *2 (N.D. Fla, Nov. 2011).. We invite  counsel who are interested in obtaining Mr. Shannin for his services as an appellate or circuit court attorney fee expert may contact him directly to discuss his engagements.


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