Governmental Law

Page & Eichenblatt is proud to also assist governmental clients with their administrative, litigation, and appellate needs. Mr. Shannin serves as counsel for the Orange County Supervisor of Elections. The firm has also represented the City of Mount Dora, the City of Titusville, the City of Center Hill, Sumter County, and other municipalities. The firm has also assisted the City of Orlando regarding appellate issues, including a federal litigation appeal before the United States Supreme Court.
Mr. Shannin has gained admission as a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians. Accordingly, he is available to advise both governmental agencies and other boards regarding issues of parliamentary procedure and has served as parliamentarian for numerous business and civic organizations.
If you are a governmental agency, business, or individual needing representation before a governmental board or agency, please consider PEB&B as your portal to proper representation.